Activating Learning and Teaching

Activating Learning and Teaching

After the joint Workshop with our partners from the Project AuCity2 in February 2019, we met again on 18th & 19th of November the same year at the Knowledge Media Institute (IWM) at the University of Koblenz, this time on the topic of “Activating Teaching and Learning Methods”.

Between presentations about the theoretical background of activated learning, we conducted working phases for discussing ideas on how to implement these methods in various learning environments and contexts. We reflected in many ways on how to support self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, learning in virtual-reality and the use of open badges. Learning analytics was also a central part of discussion, as it, especially in conjunction with virtual reality and eye-tracking, poses some ethical challenges regarding data privacy. AuCity2 provided us with pointers to interesting design principles and gave an insight into their current work and evaluation design. This way, we could identify overlaps and parallels in our projects which built the foundation for more cooperative efforts.

While the first day of the Workshop was dedicated to both projects, the second day was all about starting work on the scenarios in DigiLab4U. After a summary of the requirement analysis, which was concluded days prior, the partners got introduced to didactical concepts such as educational problems, competence goals, social forms of learning and different media and tools. This knowledge was applied to a scenario for Arduino programming by HFT Stuttgart to illustrate how to improve it with Kerres’ didactical media design.

Together with brainstorming sessions on how to motivate other stakeholders in a laboratory-environment and other organizational matters, we came to a common understanding on the different parts of our work and disciplines.

As with the previous workshops, we concluded the meeting with a strengthened vision of our projects and we think this will pave the way for a productive start into designing better learning environments in the months to come.

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