2nd Project Meeting in Parma

2nd Project Meeting in Parma

Our second meeting with all Digilab4U technical partners just took place at the University of Parma during 5/6 of September 2019. The meeting was very fruitful and focused on the discussion of the technical architecture recommendations provided by the team from University of Parma.

In particular, these are the details discussed:

  1. 1. Abstract Functional Architecture: the architecture proposed was fine-tuned thanks to the outputs and suggestions of all partners;
  2. 2. RFID Logistic Lab visit: the University of Parma team organized a tour for partners to see the lab in action. This gave the opportunity to brainstorm and elaborate more on the Remote Learning opportunities;
  3. 3. Future WP and open discussion: a short round of introduction about future work packages by each partners and research opportunities were discussed;

The meeting was a very pleasant occasion to further strengthen relationships between partners.

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