The DigiLab4U Workpackages 1 – 3

The DigiLab4U Workpackages 1 – 3

The DigiLab4U project contents ten workpackages, which are structured in the three working areas Organisation (1), Didactics and Methods (2) and Technology (3). Each workpackage runs through the following project phases: Concept, Implementation and Evaluation. At present, the main focus of the project lies on the conceptual level, where a basic trustmodel for crossinstitutional collaboration, first approaches for mixed reality environments and technical solutions for the digitization of laboratories are developed. We will inform you regularly about project publications, conference participation and project-relevant calls for proposals (all WP 10) in the blog posts section of this webpage.  

The following posters show details of the working areas, that are mentioned above.

Workpackage 1 (WP1): Organisational Concept

Workpackage 2 (WP2): Didactical Concept

Workpackage 3 (WP3): Technical Concept

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