Joint DigiLab4U Workshop at IWM

Joint DigiLab4U Workshop at IWM

On 26 and 27 August 2019, all partners of the DigiLab4U project met for a joint workshop hosted by the Knowledge Media Institute (IWM) at the University of Koblenz. The partners dealt primarily with contents and questions of the ongoing requirements analysis in the project and the forthcoming development of the methodical-didactical concepts.

In a mix of impulse lectures and presentations with work phases and discussion rounds, the partners worked over two days on overarching topics such as learning analytics, collaborative learning, mixed reality or self-directed learning. In addition, concrete questions on ongoing work within the context of requirements analysis, e.g. on the didactic description of the planned teaching-learning scenarios or on the first results of expert interviews, were discussed. The workshop also contributed to the development of a common understanding of central concepts such as professionalism, competence or scenarios as an important basis for successful cooperation between the interdisciplinary project partners.

In addition, the workshop offered space for getting to know new colleagues in the project and deepening specific questions. For example, in a joint brainstorming session, the partners collected and developed ideas and requirements for the use of Moodle as a central component of the planned hybrid teaching-learning environment in the project.

In line with the predominantly methodical-didactic character of the workshop, a video conference with the partner project “Aucity2” took place on the second day to coordinate the content of the planned, cross-project workshop on “Activating Teaching-Learning Methods” in November in Koblenz.

All in all, we can look back on a project meeting that was as productive as it was pleasant, where important questions and contents for the project work could be clarified and cooperation between the partners was promoted.

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