BIBA Gaming Lab

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The BIBA Gaming Lab is an environment to test, co-creatively design, develop and play serious games.


The BIBA Gaming Lab on serious games is an environment giving students, teachers and professionals the possibility to get to gether to test games, co-creatively design and develop new games, play games, assess and evaluate games. The main goal of the lab is to up-take of serious games in education of engineers and as well as to support the dialogue between different stakeholders(users like teachers, students developers, publishers, ICT providers. 

Thus the gaming lab provides the participants the possibility to use co-creative approaches for developing new serious games.We also offer facilitated workshops in the field of logistics and production using games and we arrange events where different stakeholder groups can meet, discuss and develop ideas. The gaming lab offers students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a safe environment also allowing them to experience the impact of their decision.


Lab Details


Our living lab comprises of two elements. One is Physical part, here you can find several board games, Internet of things tool kit, digital games, our multi-touch screens etc. Other is Virtual environment offering tools to co-creatively develop, test and play games online. Through this virtual element you are also connected to four other European living labs on serious games.

  • – Model Setup of Forklift (Elliot Project) with different Sensors.
  • – Different sensors including Air Pressure/Height, Tilt, Velocity, Temperature and Humidity, Microphone, Stress Meter, Heartbeat, Light, Methan etc
  • – Other hardware includes various Arduino boards with Xbee shield, 4x Remote controls, Alarm system for Forklift. Drone is also there. 
  • – 1x Multi-touch Screen
  • – 5x single touch screens
  • – Projectors
  • – PCs with softwares (Arduino IDE, Sublime and Unity etc)

Master Students 

Ph.D. Students 

Institute Staff

Most of the time, student assistants are the concurrent users. But this lab is also occupied by authorized persons during workshops and other events.

There are no major improvements which will be carried out during this project in the BIBA Gaming Lab, instead we will focus on making new games and we will use the existing lab infrastructure for them. The only thing which we will need and later on add in our lab will be the VR Equipment but that is not really considered to be an improvement.


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"A game is a problem-solving activity, approached with a playful attitude."
Jesse Schell