Workshop at Bad Liebenzell

Workshop at Bad Liebenzell

In September 2019, Bad Liebenzell hosted the first workshop on collaboration between DigiLab4U-project staffs at the HFT Stuttgart, Smart Public Building project staffs and researchers on Information Logistics and didactic. Following different concepts were covered in different sessions.

1-      Management aspects: At the beginning, regarding to their positions, all participants presented what they did so far, what they want to do as next steps and what are their expectations in this collaboration. 

2-      Didactic aspects: Interlocking research, studies and teaching was covered in other sessions with focusing on these main questions: How could we envision the future of teaching (student support, laboratories, organization, marketing, interdisciplinary, practical relevance)? How can research be integrated into teaching? And how can teaching be helpful for research?

3-      Technical / safety aspects: Possibilities of interlinking between multiple labs and sustainability of the projects, in addition to technical support DigiLab4U / resources, were considered also at the event.

4-      Marketing aspects: In between of other topics and presentations, marketing aspects of projects were discussed.

5-      Information Logistics aspects: Everybody participated in a session about topics and concepts related to Information Logistics lecture course. They also focused on how DigiLab4U could help students in order to make sense the Information Logistics topics.

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